2021 Fitness Holiday Gift Guide - Exercise Equipment

Explore 22 fitness gift ideas in our 2021 fitness holiday gift guide.

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2021 Fitness Holiday Gift Guide - Exercise Equipment

Finding a gift for the most active person in your life can be a challenge. Odds are they have a gym membership to the hottest studio in town, are always decked out in the latest fitness fashion, and have their entire workout routine in check.

While they’re totally on top of it when it comes to fitness, the convenience of working out from home is a nice option to have no matter how motivated you are! And if you have someone on your list who isn’t motivated but wants to be - there’s no better gift than giving them the tools they need to succeed.

In this 2021 fitness holiday gift guide, I’ve rounded up my favorite fitness equipment for everyone on your list. From beginners to devoted fitness fanatics – these gifts are sure to impress!



Cardio is so important for anyone looking to stay fit and healthy! Those on your shopping list are sure to have tons of fun with these sleek, sturdy machines to support their goals for years to come.



1. SF-B1879 Synergy Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Upgrade your friend or family’s at-home workout streaming experience with a bike designed for taking advantage of online classes. The Synergy Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike is equipped with a 30 LB flywheel; when paired with the belt drive and magnetic resistance, it results in a smooth and momentous ride, just like the bikes you would find at a cycling studio.

The onboard device holder, water bottle holder, dumbbell holder, performance monitor, and pulse sensors provide all the comforts so your special someone has everything they need and more during their ride.


2. SF-B1986 Evolution Pro II Magnetic Indoor Cycle Bike

Do you have a cycling lover on your list this year? Wow them with the fully-featured Evolution Pro II Magnetic Indoor Cycle Bike! This bike has everything your favorite cyclist could need to take their workout experience above and beyond.

This bike is sturdy and durable, fully adjustable for a customizable fit, and designed with comfort in mind. They’ll enjoy all the bells and whistles one could want - like multi-grip handlebars, device holder, water bottle holder, digital monitor, dumbbell holder, and dual caged/SPD compatible pedals.



3. SF-B2715 Zephyr Air Bike Fan

Looking for the perfect gift for that certain someone on your list with a wild side? Come on, we all have one! Help them chase that endorphin high with the Zephyr Air Bike. It’s the perfect bike for high-intensity workouts like HIIT or Tabata! On this fan bike, the resistance is progressive, so the harder they push, the more resistance they’ll feel.

This bike is perfect for mixing up sessions by alternating intense cardio work on the air bike with bodyweight or weighted strength exercises to maximize all-around fitness.


4. SF-RB4954 Evo-Fit Electro-Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Do you have someone in mind who needs to get moving? If that certain someone has a harder time getting around or is just interested in a more comfortable workout experience, a recumbent bike is just what they need!

The SF-RB4954 features a walk-through design, and the wide ultra-cushioned seat is designed with lumbar support and extra padding for a comfy, supported workout. They’ll enjoy making use of the 12 pre-programmed workouts that make it easy to plug and play. Or they can select from 24-levels of resistance and cruise away while taking full advantage of the Bluetooth speakers, device holders, and more for their best workout experience yet!



5. 8730G Space Saving Commercial Treadmill

If you know someone who loves to walk or run but doesn’t have a lot of space in their home for a treadmill, the space-saving design of the Slim Folding Motorized Treadmill by ASUNA will be a perfect fit.

With this treadmill, you get the best of both worlds with the space-saving, compact design that can be folded away for easy storage, with a running deck that’s comfortable for running workouts up to 8 MPH! The beautiful gold color of this treadmill will add a stylish touch to elevate the interior decorating of any room. If gold isn’t their thing it comes in silver too!


6. SF-T7917 Electric Folding Treadmill

Give your favorite runner the gift that keeps giving, with this treadmill designed to do it all! This world-class exercise running machine is packed with technology to make workouts more comfortable and effective than ever.

This treadmill offers high speeds (up to 10 MPH) and high inclines (up to 15 levels of incline), which means they’ll be able to push their fitness to the max when they want to slow down for low to moderate intensity days.



7. SF-RW5987 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Give the gift of functional fitness with a rowing machine this year! Rowers work approximately 86% of the muscles in your body and encourage good posture and movement patterns that will translate into your favorite fitness lover’s everyday life.

The SF-RW5987 is a programmable magnetic rower that allows users to do low-impact cardio routines in the privacy of their home, with everything they need to take their fitness to the next level.


8. SF-RW5940 Magnetic Air Resistance Rowing Machine

Help your special someone push their fitness to max capacity with the SF-RW5940 Magnetic Air Resistance Rowing Machine. This sleek rowing machine provides a luxuriously smooth stroke as 16 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance and progressive fan resistance converge. This high-performance rower offers a sturdy and durable design paired with top fitness technology to support a vigorous fitness routine.



9. SF-E3810 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

If you have a runner or walker on your list, they’re sure to enjoy having a lower impact, indoor option for cross-training at home - an elliptical is the perfect present! Plus, the ability to get in a workout session when the days are short and cold is invaluable for keeping fitness levels up in the wintertime.

The SF-E3810 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer has everything one could need for a vigorous workout on hard days or a light workout on recovery days. Your loved one will have fun gliding along the 18-inch rail and challenging their cardiovascular fitness against 8 levels of resistance!


10. SF-E3875 Motorized Elliptical Machine

This elliptical includes everything one could ever desire from an at-home workout experience. The large textured footplates and 20-inch stride length provide all the room to get comfortable while activating more muscles through a longer stride. With 24 different featured program modes and 16 levels of resistance, the elliptical lover in your family is sure to enjoy this top-notch model!



11. SF-S020027 Stair Stepper Machine with Handlebar

Do you have someone active in mind, with not much space to store fitness equipment? A mini stepper is the answer! Check out the SF-S020027 Stair Stepper Machine with Handlebar. With this compact stepper, each step is resisted for a challenging lower body workout, while the handlebar will provide the support, they need to be confident!


12. SF-S0978 Total Body Step Machine Mini Stepper

If you’ve got someone in mind who likes burning serious calories, I’ve got the perfect gift - the SF-S0978 Total Body Step Machine. With this mini stepper, they’ll step and sweat their way to fit while loving every minute!

With each step on this mini stepper engage the sturdy hydraulic resistance system that will challenge the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Simply grab the onboard resistance bands to complete upper body exercises as you step - it’s a full-body workout experience.



Not sure what to choose? Sunny fans have spoken, and these items are sure to bring joy to anyone on your shopping list this year!

13. NO. 077S Upright Row-N-Ride® Rowing Machine

Do you know someone always ready for the next best thing? Well, look no further than the NO. 077 S Upright Row-N-Ride® Rowing Machine. This machine has a cult following for a reason - it works!

The Row-N-Ride allows you to complete squats and rows - compound movements designed to target the glutes, quads, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, back, chest, shoulders, and more! It even includes 3 levels of adjustable resistance with a max resistance of 66LBs to help you build muscle and tone up!

The design of this machine makes it possible to achieve both effective cardio and strength workouts at the same time. While this would be amazing for anyone on your list, I won’t tell if you slip a little something in your cart just for you.


14. SF-B020026 Mini Exercise Magnetic Pedal Cycle Bike

Thinking of the masses of people working or studying from home this year - this under desk cycle bike is an easy way to add movement to even your busiest days. This minibike is great for putting under a desk, or in front of the sofa. While it’s great for adding some mindless movement into the day, it’s good for much more than that. This mini bike offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance and believe it or not, it’s great for high-intensity workouts like HIIT or Tabata.

Know someone working or studying from home? Be sure to check out our other products that are great for working out from a desk - Best Sunny Health & Fitness Deskercise Equipment.



With these strength essentials, the strength lover on your list will have everything they need to build strength and muscle in the home gym of their dreams!



15. SF-XF9931 Power Zone Squat Stand

If you know a certain someone who has not just been missing the gym but is ready to get started with a full-strength setup at home, this squat stand is a great place to start. It's perfect for performing all the basic lifts; plus, it's compact! This squat stand is also an awesome option for storing other equipment like plates and bars when not in use.


16. SF-XF9933 Power Zone Half Rack Heavy Duty Performance Power Cage

The Sunny Power Zone Half Rack Power Cage gives the strength training fanatic in your home everything they could ever need and more in a home gym set up. With 1,000 LB max weight capacity, this rack is designed for someone looking to make serious gains and push their limits!


17. SF-BH6921 Adjustable Workout Bench

An adjustable workout bench like this is an essential piece of equipment for anyone looking to start strength training from home. This fully adjustable bench allows for an endless array of exercises - with 12 different backrest positions the options are limitless! With a high 1000 LB weight capacity, give them the gift of pushing and challenging their strength without limit.


18. SF-XF9927 Lat Pulldown Attachment

Our lat pulldown attachment is a great gift idea for anyone interested in adding options to their home gym but doesn't have room to buy a separate lat pulldown machine! This lat pulldown attachment is compatible with our SF-XF9931, SF-XF9925, and SF-XF9933 racks, making it incredibly convenient for home use. This attachment has an option to use handlebars from the top or bottom setting for a comprehensive upper body workout.


19. SF-XFA004 Landmine Attachment

If the special someone in your life is interested in increasing functional fitness, moving better, and seriously challenging their core strength, a landmine attachment is the perfect gift! The 360-degree swivel rotation ensures they'll never run out of ways to challenge their full-body fitness. Our landmine attachment is compatible with our SF-XF9931, SF-XF9925, and SF-XF9933 racks, making it easy to add to a current fitness routine. Plus, its compact size makes for a great stocking stuffer!


20. SF-XFA002 Dip Bar Attachment

Get a ripped upper body with the dip bar attachment that will fit like a dream on any Sunny rack! Help your near and dear fitness lover build stronger triceps, chest, shoulders, and back by adding this incredible exercise to their routine. These attachments can be adjusted to their height of choice on this rack, making this attachment convenient for all users.



No home gym is complete without the essential fitness accessories! In fact, a pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat is the perfect starting place or supplement to any fitness routine.

21. NO. 021-2 PAIR Dumbbells

You can never have too many dumbbells! This is a gift both a fitness beginner and a fitness pro can appreciate. A pair of light dumbbells can supplement any cardio routine, and medium to heavy dumbbells are great for building strength or challenging your overall fitness through circuit-style training.


22. NO. 071P Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat can take a fitness journey to so many places. From bodyweight, Pilates, strength workouts, and yoga! Even for those who prefer a cardio routine, having a mat can be nice for boot camp style classes where you split time on and off the machine. It can also protect your carpet or flooring from sweat or shoe marks. Trust me when I say yoga mats are the gift that keeps on giving!


I hope you've found the perfect gift idea for everyone on your list this holiday season in our 2021 fitness holiday gift guide above, but no one knows your list better than you. Be sure to check out our wide variety of fitness equipment and shop for something with your


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