2022 Fitness Holiday Gift Guide - Exercise Equipment

For our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, we have rounded up all our favorite items that will be on any fitness lover’s list this year.

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2022 Fitness Holiday Gift Guide - Exercise Equipment

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for the fitness junkie in your life? Well, look no further! From plyo boxes to treadmills, we have all the workout must-haves for anyone looking to build the perfect home gym. Whether they are cardio fanatics or strength training warriors, we have you covered with all the exercise equipment gifts perfect for your special someone.

For our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, we have rounded up all our favorite items that will be on any fitness lover’s list this year. From those who are new to fitness to exercise pros, these gifts are sure to be a hit!


Top Fitness Equipment Holiday Gifts

1) Cardio Machines
2) Strength Equipment
3) Fitness Accessories


Cardio Machines

Cardio is an important part of all well-rounded fitness routines. These Sunny cardio machines are budget friendly, sleek, and sturdy—sure to boost anyone’s cardiovascular health year after year!


Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike (SF-B1002)

With a 49-lb flywheel, this bike mimics the smooth ride of a road bike, giving workouts a flawless feel from start to finish. It is fully customizable to fit any body type, making it the most comfortable ride possible. Not to mention the attention-grabbing luxury design at an affordable price point! Whether they want to up their at-home cycle class game or add some extra road bike training in, this is the bike for any cycling lover on your list.


Synergy Pro Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike (SF-B1851)

Step up your friend or family member’s cycle workouts with the Synergy Pro! Any cyclist lover will appreciate all the bells and whistles on this stationary bike. The magnetic belt drive creates a quiet yet solid ride, while the resistance knob easily allows the user to increase or decrease resistance, as needed. The pedals sport both clip-in and cage options, keeping the feet secure with the pedal type of their choice. Other notable features include a console for tracking exercise metrics, a built-in device holder, and a rack for dumbbells. This bike has everything they will need to get a full-body workout right from their living room!


Evo Fit Recumbent Bike (SF-RB4954)

If the cyclist on your list is looking for something with a little more back support, check out the Evo Fit Recumbent bike. The lumbar support and cushioned seat help the user workout comfortably, while also enjoying all the performance tracking features of our other cycle bikes. Getting a challenging workout in won’t be a problem, as the Evo Fit boasts 24 levels of electro-magnetic resistance and 36 workout programs to choose from.


Fan Bikes

Zephyr Air Bike (SF-B2715)

Calling all HIIT and Tabata fanatics! If you are shopping for someone who loves high intensity workouts, then this will be a staple in their home gym. Air resistance technology creates more resistance the faster they pedal, so the workout gets more intense as they push. The built-in performance monitor will help them track their exercise, so they will know exactly where they are in their work out every step of the way. Pairing the air bike with body weight or weighted exercises will give them the best workout they’ve had all year!



Space Saving Commercial Treadmill, Slim Motorized Asuna (8730 & 8730G)

If the runner on your shopping list would love a treadmill but is limited on space, this is the treadmill for them! This Asuna treadmill folds down flat, so when not being used it can be stored out of the way. The shock absorption technology helps keep your runner injury free, while the streamlined display allows them to easily track their distance, time, speed, and calories burned. With color options of silver or gold, this slick design is sure to impress!


Incline Treadmill (SF-T7632)

The walkers and runners on your list are going to love this treadmill! With speeds of up to 7.5 mph and incline up to 12 percent, users will be able maximize their cardiovascular training every time they step on the belt. They will also enjoy giving their joints a break from the high-impact sidewalk and experiencing the shock absorption running deck of the Incline Treadmill. The onboard performance monitor tracks time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse so they can monitor every workout—from recovery run to speed intervals!



Total Body Pink Stepper Machine (P2000)

Exercise in style on this cute, pink mini stepper! This compact machine packs a punch: working to tone the glutes, hamstrings, and thighs while also serving up a great cardio workout. A digital monitor that tracks step count, time, and total calories is user friendly and keeps you on top of all your fitness goals. Also, did we mention that its pink?


Versa Step Exercise Machine (SF-S0870)

Just like the pink mini stepper, the Versa Stepper works to tone the glutes, hamstrings, and thighs. However, an added benefit to this version is the detachable resistance bands, that elevate the user’s workout to a full-body routine. Any fitness aficionado will appreciate maximizing their routine with this tiny but mighty piece of exercise equipment.



Programmable Elliptical Magnetic Cardio Power Trainer (SF-E3890)

If the runners or walkers on your list are looking for a great low-impact cross trainer, then check out our Programmable Elliptical Trainer. This elliptical challenges users with 24 built-in programs and 12 programmable presets, so workouts are either customizable or ready to go! With the ability to use stationary handles the user can focus solely on their lower body or opt to use the full-motion handles for a full-body experience.



Fan Ergometer Rowing Machine Air Rower (SF-RW520050)

Give the gift of total fitness to the friend or family member that loves cardio. Not only does this air rower use the muscles of the upper body, lower body, and core with every movement, but it also boosts cardiovascular fitness and health. Adjust resistance with ease, as the fan provides increased resistance the faster they row. The digital monitor will keep them on top of their performance, tracking time, stroke count, calories burned, and repetitions per minute.


Rowing Machine Magnetic Rower, LCD Monitor (SF-RW5856)

These popular machines are efficient space-savers that give you a great full-body workout that any health enthusiast will love. This flywheel rowing machine features 16 levels of resistance to help the user challenge their overall aerobic capacity while also building strength in the shoulders and core. The non-slip handlebars, steel plated flywheel, and wide-cushioned seat make this rower durable and built to last. Your gift recipient will be enjoying this rower for years to come!


Strength Equipment

Calling all gym rats! This classic gym equipment is now available for you to get a pump right in your home. No more early morning gym workouts before work; roll out of bed and right to your home gym to make max fitness gains!

Power Squat Rack (SF-BH6802)

If the loved one on your list is working on building strength, the power squat rack will help them take it to the next level. Equipped with a pull-up bar, weight plate posts, spotter arms, J-hooks, swivel landmine posts, and resistance band posts, there is no exercise they won’t be able to do with this machine. Don’t forget to grab them the Olympic bar and plates to go with it!


Power Zone Strength Flat Bench (SF-BH6996)

The perfect complementary gift to accompany the Power Squat Rack, the Power Zone Strength Flat Bench is key for any weightlifter’s strength routine. Featuring a convenient dumbbell rack, the bench can be used with the squat rack, or for a variety of stand-alone exercises. Throw in some dumbbells or resistance bands and they are set!



No home gym is fully stocked until it has all the essential accessory items! This equipment is effective for giving your fitness lover that extra edge in every workout. 

Universal Bike Mount Smartphone and Tablet Holder (NO. 082)

Not exactly sure what the most active person on your list wants? Give the gift of the SunnyFit® app! This bike mount gives the user the ability to use their phone or tablet while exercising, so they can follow along with their favorite Sunny trainer as they cycle. There are a variety of cycle videos to choose from to keep each workout fresh and exciting!


Heavy Duty Wood Plyo Box (NO. 084)

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves HIIT and plyometric training. The classic wood design is appealing yet functional, with the option to add the vinyl foam padded cover when needed. Great for taking workouts to the next level and building speed, strength, and power. From box jumps to decline push-ups, the Sunny Plyo Box can endure it all!



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