Row-N-Ride Pro® vs. Row-N-Ride® Comparison - What is the Difference?

Learn the difference between the Row-N-Ride® and Row-N-Ride Pro® to achieve your ideal workout.

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Row-N-Ride Pro® vs. Row-N-Ride® Comparison - What is the Difference?

Looking to build your home gym, but not sure if the Row-N-Ride® or the Row-N-Ride Pro® is the best choice for you? The good news is both incredible machines offer a variety of features and amazing benefits to help you lose weight, shed unwanted fat, and tone and tighten your entire body! Keep reading to learn the difference between the Row-N-Ride and Row-N-Ride Pro to achieve your ideal workout.


Row-N-Ride Features

The cult-favorite Row-N-Ride® is packed with features to help you achieve your fitness goals all from the comfort of your home gym. Lose weight, burn tons of calories, and sculpt your body with this full body workout machine. Use the Row-N-Ride to target your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, inner and outer thighs, core, shoulders, triceps, biceps, back, chest, and more!

This machine is designed to support a wide variety of users with a weight capacity of 220 LBS. The cushioned seat (12 in L x 9.5 in W x 1.5 in H) is there for support if you need it; however, it is just there for balance, and we recommend using your muscles to hold you up in your squat for a more effective workout.

As far as adjustability, this machine is fully adjustable with 4 seat setting options, 3 handlebar setting options, and 3 seat angle settings. With full adjustability, you’ll be able to adjust the Row-N-Ride to best fit you. The machine has no minimum height requirement and is best for users 6’ and under.

The ability to change your seat angle makes the Row-N-Ride a better choice for beginners, as you have the option to make your squat shallower or deeper by adjusting the angle from 30 degrees, 60 degrees, or 90 degrees.

The Row-N-Ride is designed to make the most of squats and rows - two compact exercises designed to engage multiple muscle groups at once, boosting your calorie burning potential. Both the seat and the multi-grip handlebars can engage the challenging resistance band resistance system.

When in use, each resistance band adds 22 LBS of resistance - helping you make your workout more challenging, build your strength, and tighten and tone muscles in your upper and lower body. Resistance must be added or removed when dismounted from your machine for your safety.

What you’ll quickly find when following along to many of the workout videos in our Row-N-Ride Workout playlist is that this machine can be used for much more than squats and rows. When dismounted from your machine, you can use the seat as your resistance to complete a variety of exercises like bent over rows, deadlifts, incline chest press, glute bridges, crunches, and more!

A unique feature that makes the Row-N-Ride so great is that support of the handlebars, combined with the self-leveling pedals, helps to increase range of motion - making it possible for those who have knee pain, back pain, or trouble squatting on the ground to squat comfortably and properly. In this way, the Row-N-Ride can be used as a squat assist machine without any resistance for beginners or those working up the strength to begin a regular workout program.

The Row-N-Ride is great for beginners or those looking to start their journey. With plenty of adjustability options, you’ll be able to cater your workouts based on your range of motion and ability to make your workouts easier or more challenging. With 3 levels of resistance, you’ll be equipped with what you need to increase your fitness, sculpt your entire body, and see amazing results!


Row-N-Ride Pro Features

The long-awaited upgraded model of the Row-N-Ride®, the Row-N-Ride Pro® is here! The Row-N-Ride Pro has all the beloved features of the Row-N-Ride and even more - for more calorie-burning and muscle-toning potential, all from one amazing, compact machine.

This new machine is designed to support even more users with a weight capacity of 300 LBS. For those who are looking for a more comfortable seat, the soft, thick cushioned seat (11 in L x 15.5 in W x 7.5 in H) on this machine may make the Row-N-Ride Pro a better choice for you.

As far as adjustability, this machine has 5 seat setting options making this machine a better choice for taller users over the height of 6’. While the machine does not offer seat angle adjustability like the Row-N-Ride, you do have the option to squat as shallow or deep as your preference.

The Row-N-Ride Pro is designed to achieve a wide variety of squats and rows just like the Row-N-Ride; the option to squat as deep as you’d like with the addition of the multi-grip handlebars will help open up your exercise options and target your muscles from all the angles.

This resistance system on this machine will help to make your workouts even more challenging and effective. With 12 total levels of hydraulic resistance and level 12 maxing out at 202 LBS, this machine offers a much higher level of resistance than the Row-N-Ride. More resistance means more strength building and tightening and toning potential! With 12 levels of resistance, this machine is built to keep you challenged and engaged in your workouts for years to come.

The nice thing about the hydraulic resistance system on the Row-N-Ride Pro is it can be adjusted without even dismounting your machine. Simply reach down to twist the knob up or down to change the resistance level quickly and effectively.

Just like the Row-N-Ride, you can use the seat for all sorts of exercises to strengthen your entire body like bent over rows, deadlifts, incline chest press, glute bridges, crunches, and more! If you’re familiar with the Row-N-Ride, you’ll see these exercises in many of our workouts.

The Row-N-Ride Pro offers even more options to sculpt your body and create a fun and engaging workout with the optional resistance bands. When attached to the front base of your machine, these resistance bands can be used for a variety of exercises such as kickbacks, inner thigh kicks, outer thigh kicks, bicep curls, rows, shoulder raises, and lots more. The options with the Row-N-Ride Pro are truly endless!

The Row-N-Ride Pro is a great choice for those looking for a more supportive machine with a more accommodating weight capacity and higher maximum height capacity. It’s also amazing for anyone looking for more resistance and options to build even more strength, tighten and tone your entire body, and take your results to the next level and beyond!


Row-N-Ride vs. Row-N-Ride Pro Product Comparison Chart

(NO. 077S)

Row-N-Ride PRO®

Weight Capacity 220 LB 300 LB
Resistance 3 Levels of Resistance Bands 12 Levels of Hydraulic
Resistance Adjustability Must be adjusted off machine Can adjust when seated on machine
Optional Front Mounted Resistance Bands No Yes
Seat Cushioned Seat Thick Comfort Seat
Seat Dimensions 12 in L x 9.5 in W x 1.5 in H 11 in L x 15.5 in W x 7.5 in H
Seat Adjustability 4 Settings 5 Settings
Seat Angle Adjustability 3 Settings No
Handlebars Multi-Grip Multi-Grip
Handlebar Adjustability 3 Settings No
Digital Monitor Time, Count, Calories, Total Count Time, Count, Calories, RPM, Scan
Foot Pedals Self-Leveling/Non-Slip Self-Leveling/Non-Slip
Seat Angle Adjustability 3 Settings No
Foldable Yes Yes
Product Weight 24.5 LB 38 LB



How to Choose the Best Row-N-Ride Machine for You?

There are a few things I would recommend considering when narrowing down your Row-N-Ride® machine of choice. Your budget, height, and weight, as well as your specific preferences, are all major factors to consider.



Your budget is always going to be an important factor when it comes to making a big purchase like a piece of fitness equipment. Luckily, both the Sunny Health & Fitness Row-N-Ride® and Row-N-Ride Pro® are relatively affordable. While the Row-N-Ride Pro may come at a higher price tag, it also comes with a variety of upgraded features that may be worth it to you to make your workout more comfortable and effective.


Height & Weight

Making sure the Row-N-Ride® you want to purchase is a good fit for you is always an important factor to consider before purchasing. Read the comparison chart above to ensure both the weight capacity and inseam range that the bike you have your heart set on matches your criteria.



Finally, your preferences when it comes to features should guide your purchase decision. Check the foldable product dimensions to be sure that your Row-N-Ride® will be a good fit for your space. Consider additional features such as added resistance bands, cushioned seat, and higher resistance levels that can make your workout experience more comfortable and effective.

I hope this article was helpful to determine the best Row-N-Ride machine for your needs. Like I’ve noted above, be sure to carefully consider the features and specifications that make your ideal Row-N-Ride unique before making a purchase decision. The best Row-N-Ride machine for you will be the one that fits your space, fits your body, and has all the features you could want or need to make your workout fun, comfortable, and effective for years to come!­­­­



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