10 Min Row-N-Ride Interval Training

10 Min Row-N-Ride Interval Training



Where are our Row-n-Rider’s at? We have a brand-new Row-n-Ride workout just for you. Follow along with Sunny Trainer Sofee as she coaches you through 10 sweaty minutes of HIIT interval training to increase calorie burn and burn fat! You can use this workout in your regular weekly routine to increase your cardiovascular strength and fitness level. Start with 1 resistance band, if you feel comfortable or ready to try 2-3 bands, give it a go. Extra time on your hands? Repeat this workout 2-3 times for a longer workout!

Workout Details

Workout Details
2 min Tempo Warmup

30 sec on 0:30 off x 5
40 sec on 0:20 off x 5


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  • Gloria Brooks

    Would like to see some beginning programs to get me started I’m 69 I’d like to start slow and move is there any one they can show me those ones I love the machine I tried a few things very easy to operate