10 Minute Morning Tune Up to Seize the Day

10 Minute Morning Tune Up to Seize the Day



Many of us are aware of the morning struggle to feel alert and ready to seize the day. The desire of a warm cup of coffee might not be enough to keep you from snoozing in your comfy bed for another five to thirty minutes. While taking ten minutes to tune up your body after a restful night’s sleep might not be your first choice after mustering the motivation to start your day, you might be surprised at how little it takes to give your body a boost. Increasing blood circulation throughout your body is a great way to help you feel more alert without waiting for your caffeinated beverage to kick in. Getting your body moving early also gives your muscles a chance to warm up so they can be ready for the physical demands of the morning. Perform a minute of each of the following movements to help give your body a tune up each morning.

  • Back extension
  • Wide squats with Y-Raises
  • Kneeling hip flexor stretch with lateral reach
  • Press up back extension
  • Bird dog

After performing each of these exercises for a minute, repeat each one to finish the 10-minute body tune up routine. Over time, your flexibility should improve if you continue to perform this routine. As with any exercise program or activity, you should consult with your doctor before giving this routine a try.

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