15 Min High-Intensity Intermediate HIIT Step Workout

15 Min High-Intensity Intermediate HIIT Step Workout



Join Sunny Trainer Sydney for an all-out fast-paced HIIT Step workout. This workout is designed for full effort bursts of exercise with limited rest, for a short but incredibly effective 15-minute workout. The exercises in this routine are designed for intermediate exercisers, but Sydney provides modifications along the way for beginners who are ready to give a challenging workout like this one a try! Use this workout again and again in your regular routine, pushing yourself to complete more reps and move faster to continue challenging your fitness with this workout.

Workout Details

- 30 sec Jogging on Step
- 30 sec Butt Kicks

15 sec Work; 5 sec Rest:
- 15 sec Quick Feet
- 5 sec Rest
- 15 sec Mountain Climbers
- 5 sec Rest
- 15 sec Sumo Squat Jumps
- 5 sec Rest
- 15 sec Ab Tucks
- 5 sec Rest
- 15 sec Exploding Crossovers
- 5 sec Rest
- 15 sec Quick Step
- Rest 30 seconds
Repeat 4 times!

- 1 min Basic Step
- Stretches
- Quad Stretch
- Hamstring Stretch


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