15 Min HIIT Step Home Workout

This HIIT Step Workout Series is the perfect place to start.

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15 Min HIIT Step Home Workout




This HIIT Step Workout Series is the perfect place to start. Follow along as Sunny Trainer Sydney guides you through an entire workout. 3 total rounds of exercises, with 4 exercises in each round. With each round we will increase the difficulty as we go, from beginner, to intermediate, and finally, advanced. Use this routine according to your fitness level. If you’re a beginner, modify the routine to stick with the beginner exercises throughout all three rounds of the workout. If you’re ready to take the workout to the next step, follow along with Sydney to push harder, and complete more complex movements, truly putting your body to the test!

Workout Length

15 Minutes

Products Used

NO. 049


Sydney Bueckert



Warmup (30 seconds of each)
- Basic Step
- Butt Kicks
- Jogging Basic Step
- Jogging Butt Kicks

Workout (30 seconds of work:10 seconds rest)

Round 1
- Knee Drive
- Side Taps
- Mountain Climbers
- Sumo Squat Pulse

Round 2
- Knee Drive & Kick
- Crossover
- Sprint Mountain Climbers
- Sumo Squat to Squat Pulse

Round 3
- Knee Drive Touchbacks
- Exploding Crossover
- Sprint Mountain Climbers to Tuck
- Sumo Squat Pulse to Explosive Squat Pulse


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