20 Min Descending HIIT Elliptical Workout

20 Min Descending HIIT Elliptical Workout



Ellipticals are great for those looking to achieve an intense, low impact, calorie burning, cardio workout. With the ability to add resistance and involve your upper body while using the full range of motion handlebars, you can create a unique workout experience that can help you move towards your health and fitness goals. Ellipticals also don’t take much time to get used to. This can cause workouts to become stale. We created the descending HIIT workout to help introduce you to different kinds of intervals that will push you to high cardiovascular levels while helping you burn significant calories while staying engaged with the clear instruction. This workout is great for those who love interval training or are new to interval training and need extra guidance on how to use them properly during elliptical based workouts. Follow along with Sunny trainer, Matt, as he guides your through each workout block.

Workout Details

Warm Up:

  • 3 minutes (up to 25% resistance)


Descending Intervals:

Block #1 (Increase Speed @25% resistance)

  • 1 minute work
  • 30 second recovery

Repeat 4 rounds


Block #2 (Resistance @75% resistance)

  • 30 seconds work
  • 15 second recovery

Repeat 4 rounds


Block #3 (Tabata @ MAX resistance)

  • 20 seconds work
  • 10 second recovery

Repeat 8 rounds


Cool Down:

3 minutes (clear resistance)



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