20 Min Upper Body & Cardio Mini Stepper Workout

20 Min Upper Body & Cardio Mini Stepper Workout



If you love stepping and are looking to build a little muscle while burning calories this is the perfect workout for you. This Upper Body & Cardio Stepper workout combines beginner upper body exercises with bursts of cardio to keep your heart rate up and work on increasing strength and tone in your upper body. Join Sunny Trainer Sydney for 20 minutes of fun on your stepper!

Workout Details

2:00 Warmup

Upper Body Circuit
Knee Pushups x10
Box Dips x10
Shoulder Taps x10
Incline Pushups x10

Cardio Blast
1:00 Quick Step
1:00 Power Step
1:00 Quick Step

Repeat upper body circuit and cardio blast 3 times!


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