20 Minutes Pilates | Sculpt And Strengthen

This dynamic workout combines traditional Pilates movements with advanced variations to boost your strength, flexibility, and control.

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20 Minutes Pilates | Sculpt And Strengthen




Are you ready to take your Pilates practice to the next level? Join Mandee for an exhilarating 20-minute session designed to challenge and strengthen your body like never before. 

Workout Length

20 Minutes

Workout Level



Mandee Miller


1. Enhanced Strength: From your arms to your core and legs, every muscle will be engaged in this workout. Movements like shoulder protraction and retraction, knee hugs with arm raises, and dynamic push-ups will help you build lean muscle and increase overall strength.

2. Improved Flexibility: Pilates is renowned for its ability to improve flexibility, and this workout is no exception. With exercises like leg marches, single/straight leg stretch, and spine twist, you'll enhance your range of motion and achieve greater flexibility in your muscles and joints.

3. Increased Body Control: Pilates focuses on precise movements and alignment, promoting better body awareness and control. Throughout the session, Mandee will guide you through challenging exercises like the full roll-up with twist and the ballerina teaser, helping you develop greater control over your movements and posture.

Workout Breakdown:

  • Breath & Arms: Start with deep breathing exercises while engaging your arms to warm up your body and prepare for the workout ahead.
  • Leg Marches: Challenge your lower body with controlled leg marches to strengthen your legs and improve coordination.
  • Full Roll-up with Twist: Engage your core and spinal muscles as you perform the full roll-up with a twist, targeting your abdominals and obliques.
  • Dynamic Push-ups: Take your upper body strength to new heights with dynamic push-ups, combining strength and stability.
  • Cat/Cow Stretch: Finish the workout with a soothing cat/cow stretch to release tension in your spine and promote relaxation.

Whether you're a Pilates enthusiast looking for a new challenge or someone wanting to improve strength, flexibility, and control, this 20-minute advanced Pilates workout is perfect for you. Join Mandee and experience the transformative power of Pilates as you sculpt and tone your body from head to toe.

Are you ready to unleash your full potential? Press play and let's begin your journey to a stronger, more flexible you with Mandee's expert guidance.


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