Arms and Abs EMOM Workout No Equipment

Arms and Abs EMOM Workout No Equipment



This Arms & Abs EMOM workout, is an every minute on the minute style of workout. Basically every minute you have a set amount of reps of an exercise to complete, you have whatever is left in the minute to rest before moving onto the next exercise on the minute. This fast-paced style of workout is a great way to increase your fitness! Challenge yourself to complete your reps faster with each round.

Workout Details

Complete the given set of reps for each exercise as quickly as you can, whatever time is left in the minute is your time to rest before beginning the next exercise.

Round 1
Minute 1: 12 Pike Pushups
Minute 2: 10 Commandos
Minute 3: 40 Swimmers
Minute 4: 30 Shoulder Taps
Repeat 3 times!

1 Minute Plank

Round 2
Minute 1: 12 Hand Release Pushups
Minute 2: 40 Mountain Climbers
Minute 3: 15 Sit Up to Table Top
Minute 4: 5 Burpees
Repeat 3 times!

1 Minute Plank


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  • Bill

    I enjoy learning from your work out videos. It’s really advanced my home workout routine.