Lower Body Focused Elliptical Climber HIIT Workout

Lower Body Focused Elliptical Climber HIIT Workout



Get a great lower body and cardio workout in just 25 minutes with this Lower Body Focused Climber HIIT workout. Complete intervals of high resistance climbing, followed by a quick burn out round of squat & climbs. Squatting while climbing on your machine engages more muscles – feel the burn in your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves as you squat and climb your way to fit!

Workout Details

2 min Easy Climb (Progressive)

Interval Workout
- 45 sec Climb
- 15 sec Rest
Repeat 5 times
1 min Rest
Squat & Climb
- 15 sec Squat & Climb
- 30 sec Rest
Repeat 3 times
2 min Rest

Repeat routine 2 times.

2 min Cooldown


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