No. 039 Step by Step Guide with Variety

No. 039 Step by Step Guide with Variety



Learn how to perform a quick, easy, and powerful cardiovascular routine on your Sunny Health & Fitness No. 39 Aerobic Step. Sydney will guide you on setting up your stepper and showing you the perform various moves to kick your step workout to a new level.

Follow along and remember to take things at your own pace.

Workout Details

*If you are ready to step up the challenge, add additional height to the step (4'' - 6'' max)

Elevated Back Lunge: 1 minute
The elevated back lunge targets muscles in your quads, glutes, adductor magnus, and calves.

Squat Jacks: 1 minute
Squat jacks are an amazing exercise to increase lean muscle in your lower body by activating the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core!

Pylo Step-Ups: 1 minute
Pylo step-ups target your glutes, quads, adductor magnus, and calves while increasing your cardiovascular strength.


Rest: 1 minute

Repeat three times


(Cool down)

Basic step: 3 minute

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