5 Minute Exercise Ball Toned Abs Workout

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Perform each exercise in the order shown above. Each repetition should be slow and controlled. No rest is taken between each ball exercise. You may rest up to 1 minute after completing each of the five ball exercises before moving on to the next set.

Exercise Notes:


Rest your shoulders and head on the top portion of the ball with your feet flat on the ground about hip width apart. Elevate your hips so your knees, hips, and head are in line and parallel to the ground. Raise both arms and place the palms of your hands flat together over your chest. While keeping your arms straight, rotate your arms left and right. During each rotation you should role onto one shoulder as you rotate to the right and left. Keep your hips elevated during each rep.

Overhead Sit ups

Keep your feet firmly on the ground. When you lay back on the ball your mid to lower back should arch over the top of the ball. Reach back with both arms until your knees, torso, head, and arms are inline and parallel to the ground.  While keeping your arms straight, sit up by pushing your hips back underneath your torso. Finish each rep with arms straight over head in an upright seated position on the ball.


Cross Crunches

Sit with your feet about shoulder width apart and flat on the ground. You should be seated between the side and top of the ball. Lay back slightly until you feel your abs tighten. Sit up and reach across your body with one arm before laying back down to repeat the same movement with the other arm.


Roll Outs 

Start by placing your hands on the side of the ball. Your hands should be close together. While kneeling, push the ball away from your body while keeping your back and arms straight. Roll the ball away until your forearms meet the ball and your elbows bend to about a ninety degree angle. Pause the movement before pulling your arms back and raising your body into the starting position.


Reverse Crunches  

While lying flat on the ground, grab the ball on each side between your ankles with your knees bent. Place your arms flat on the ground. While keeping you head and back flat on the ground, raise the ball up and over your stomach. Lift your hips off the ground to perform the reverse crunch movement. Slowly lower the ball back down to the ground before starting the next repetition.


Order Exercise Repetitions Sets
1 Rotations 5 reps each side 2
2 Overhead Sit-ups 10 total 2
3 Cross Crunches 10 total 2
4 Roll Outs 10 reps 2
5 Reverse Crunches 10 reps 2
Exercise Repetitions Sets
Rotations 5 reps each side 2
Overhead Sit-ups 10 total 2
Cross Crunches 10 total 2
Roll Outs 10 reps 2
Reverse Crunches 10 reps 2

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