Our Best Cycle Bike Interval Workouts

Ready to lose fat, burn calories, and get in incredible shape on your cycle bike? Look no further than these high intensity interval workouts!.

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Ready to lose fat, burn calories, and get in incredible shape on your cycle bike? Look no further than these high intensity interval workouts! HIIT workouts are a fun and fast-paced way to get a great workout in with a relatively low time commitment. Interval workouts generally involve quick, all-out bursts of exercise, separated by a period of rest.

If you’re ready to add some intervals to your cycling routine, try these fun cycle bike interval workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home! Follow along with Sunny trainers Matt and Sydney as you take on each interval together.


1. All-Out Indoor Cycle HIIT Workout

Nothing better than a simple HIIT session for an all-out, incredible workout. Get ready to bring the heat with just 15-minutes of hard work – you’ll feel all the better once it’s done!


2. Tabata Interval Cycle Workout

Add this classic HIIT workout to your weekly schedule for a great cardiovascular boost! The ability to achieve fitness results in a short amount of time has helped the Tabata protocol become one of the most well-known HIIT workouts. While the minimum workout length for completing the Tabata protocol is 4 minutes, you can extend the workout length if desired. Follow along with Sunny trainer Matt as he guides you through the Tabata protocol using one of our favorite Sunny brand exercise bikes.


3. Exercise Bike Sprint Intervals

If sprinting on your exercise bike is new to you, this 20-minute bike sprint interval workout will be a good way for you to slowly add max effort sprints to your workouts. Built into this workout are 6 max effort sprints. Each sprint will be either 20, 10, or 5 seconds in length. After each sprint there will be a recovery period so you can rest to be better prepared to push yourself for the next sprint.


4. Max Effort Climb Interval Workout

This MAX effort climb workout will help you improve your cardiovascular performance while burning a significant number of calories. The workout involves seated climbing intervals and off the saddle intervals to help you increase your cycling climbing performance. You will perform one-minute climbing intervals at high resistance levels at or above 60 rpms. Follow along with Sunny Health & Fitness trainer Matt as he helps you push yourself to the MAX!


5. HIIT Cycle Bike Pyramid Interval Workout

Sweat and cycle your way to a healthier and fit life as you work your way through 15 second, 30 second, and 45 second cycle bike pyramid intervals. Sunny Trainer Sydney will lead you through this fun fast-paced cycle workout. Get ready to pump up that resistance, and push your cadence to its max!


6. Sprint & Climb Intervals

Perform this workout to promote maximum effort while varying riding positions and speeds for a complete calorie-burning workout. The 4 maximum effort sprints will boost your heart rate for good cardiovascular development. The 4 two-minute climbs will test your endurance so you can be more comfortable riding longer and harder. Alternating between seated and off-the-saddle riding positions will keep your workout from getting stale as you push through this high performance 20-minute workout that will help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals.


We hope you enjoy these cycle bike interval workouts and use them to improve your fitness routine! If you like these workouts, be sure to check out our Cycling Workout Collection playlist on the Sunny Health & Fitness YouTube channel.


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