Revitalize Your Body: 15-Minute Yoga for Active Recovery

In this session, we'll focus on opening up the hip and shoulder joints, incorporating core stability work for a well-rounded practice.

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Revitalize Your Body: 15-Minute Yoga for Active Recovery




Finding the time to recover and rejuvenate is crucial for maintaining overall well-being. One effective and time-efficient way to achieve this is through the 15-minute yoga session for active recovery with Sunny Trainer Claire Jenkins. This guided workout focuses on opening up the hip and shoulder joints while incorporating core stability work. Join us as we explore the benefits of this rejuvenating yoga practice.


Workout Length

15 Minutes

Workout Level



Claire Jenkins



Introduction and Intention Setting

The session begins with Claire setting the tone for the practice, encouraging participants to set an intention for their workout. This mindful approach helps create a purposeful and focused atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience. 

Opening Poses for Flexibility and Relaxation

Claire leads participants through gentle opening poses to warm up bring some movement to your body. These poses lay the foundation for the practice, promoting flexibility and relaxation in the hips and shoulders.

Core Stability and Flow

The yoga flow incorporates Tabletop and Cat/Cow poses, engaging the core muscles and promoting spinal flexibility. This foundational sequence prepares the body for the upcoming variations and peak poses.

Sequences for Joint Mobility

Claire introduces two sequences focusing on joint mobility. Each sequence includes variations of Cat/Cow, Puppy, Gate Pose, and Thread the Needle. These movements work to open up the hip and shoulder joints, enhancing overall flexibility and mobility.

Peak Poses for Strength and Balance

The peak poses, Modified Side Plank and Modified Half Moon, challenge participants to build strength and balance. These poses are seamlessly integrated into the practice, providing a well-rounded workout that targets different muscle groups.

Cool Down and Relaxation

The session concludes with a gentle cool-down, featuring relaxing poses such as Child's Pose, Lord of the Fishes, Single Knee to Chest, and Savasana. This allows participants to release tension, improve flexibility, and experience a sense of deep relaxation.

Claire Jenkins' 15-minute yoga session for active recovery offers a comprehensive and efficient workout for individuals with busy schedules. By combining joint mobility exercises, core stability work, and peak poses, participants can achieve a well-rounded practice that addresses various aspects of physical fitness. So, grab your Sunny Mat, find a comfortable space, and join Claire on a journey of mindful movement and breath. Your body deserves the ease and rest provided by this rejuvenating yoga practice. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the notification bell for more Sunny Mat workouts and wellness content, and let's move and recover together!

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