Chairtastic Warmup & Stretch

Start and end your workouts with Sunny Trainer Annora in these Chairtastic Warmup and Stretch routines!.

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Chairtastic Warmup & Stretch



Get ready to kickstart your fitness journey with Trainer Annora in the Chairtastic Warmup! This 5-minute beginner-friendly warmup is the perfect way to prepare your body for the exciting workout ahead. Annora Olavson will guide you through a series of bodyweight movements to get your muscles warmed up and ready to move.

After all the hard work in your seat, it's time to unwind and give your body the relaxation it deserves with Trainer Annora's Chairtastic Stretch! In this 10-minute beginner-friendly stretching routine, you'll learn how to release tension and improve flexibility. Annora Olavson will guide you through a series of gentle stretches using only your body weight.

Workout Length

5 minutes; 10 Minutes

Workout Level



Annora Olavson


Workout Details

WARMUP - 5 Minutes
-Neck Rolls
-Upper Back Rolls
-Shoulder Rolls
-Lat Pulls
-Side Reaches
-Reach to Toes to Overhead Reach
-Sit to Stand


STRETCH - 10 Minutes

-Overhead Side Stretch
-Shoulder Stretch 
-Triceps Stretch
-Chest Stretch 
-Twist Stretch 
-Groin Stretch 
-Hamstring Stretch 
-Hamstring Stretch (Continued)
-Figure 4 Stretch
-Figure 4 Stretch (Continued)

Doing this warmup and stretching routine is designed to help you release tension, improve flexibility, and enhance your overall sense of well-being. It's the perfect way to warm up and wind down after a challenging workout.

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1 comment

Ted Folke

Great work out! Have been bed-ridden for 6 months, and this is just what I need,
Many thanks!!!