Intermediate Cycle Workout - Pyramid Interval | 15 Minutes

Sunny Trainer, Alexa, will guide you through 8 pyramid work intervals.

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Intermediate Cycle Workout - Pyramid Interval | 15 Minutes




Get ready to challenge your power and endurance with this 15-minute Intermediate Cycle Workout Pyramid. Sunny Trainer, Alexa, will guide you through 8 pyramid work intervals, gradually building up to 1 minute and then back down to a 15-second all-out sprint. Whether it's your first time doing this workout or you're returning for a second time, set your goals and get ready to smash them!

Workout Length:

15 Minutes

Workout Level:


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Alexa Lambarri 

Workout Details:

4 min warm-up: RPE 2-3, RPM 80-85: Start the workout with a 4-minute warm-up at a comfortable pace. Maintain a Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) of 2-3 and keep your RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) between 80-85.

Increase RPM 85-90: Gradually increase your RPM to 85-90 while maintaining a steady effort level.

Increase RPM 90-100: Continue increasing your RPM to 90-100, further warming up your body and preparing it for the upcoming workout.

Reduce RPM 85-90, Increase resistance: Reduce your RPM back to 85-90 and simultaneously increase the resistance on your indoor cycle. This will help activate your muscles and prepare them for the workout ahead.

RPM 90-110, 15 seconds on-15 seconds off: Start the first pyramid interval. Maintain an RPM of 90-110 and alternate between 15 seconds of intense effort and 15 seconds of rest.

RPM 90-110, 30 seconds on-30 seconds off: Continue with the second pyramid interval, increasing the work interval to 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of rest.

RPM 90-110, 45 seconds on-45 seconds off: Enter the third pyramid interval. Push yourself for 45 seconds at an RPM of 90-110, then take a 45-second rest.

RPM 90-110, 60 seconds on-60 seconds off: Challenge yourself further in the fourth pyramid interval by increasing the work interval to 60 seconds and maintaining the same RPM range. Take a 60-second rest afterwards.

RPM 95-105, 60 seconds on-60 seconds off: For the fifth pyramid interval, increase your RPM slightly to 95-105 while keeping the work and rest intervals at 60 seconds each. Push yourself to maintain a strong effort level.

RPM 90-110, 45 seconds on-45 seconds off: Return to a 45-second work interval in the sixth pyramid interval, maintaining an RPM of 90-110. Take a 45-second rest before moving on.

RPM 95-110, 30 seconds on-30 seconds off: Enter the penultimate pyramid interval with a 30-second work interval. Challenge yourself with an RPM range of 95-110 and make the most of your effort. Take a 30-second rest.

RPM 100-110, 15 seconds on-15 seconds off: In the final pyramid interval, give it your all for 15 seconds of maximum effort at an RPM of 100-110, followed by 15 seconds of rest.

RPM 70, Recover: Start your cool-down by reducing your RPM to 70. Allow your heart rate to gradually return to normal and focus on recovering.

Shoulder Rolls: Perform shoulder rolls to release any tension in your upper body. Roll your shoulders forward and backward in a controlled manner.

Chest Stretch: Stretch your chest muscles by interlocking your fingers behind your back and gently pulling your shoulder blades together.

Calf/Hamstring Stretch: Finish the workout with a calf and hamstring stretch. Place one foot in front of the other, keeping your back leg straight and your front leg slightly bent. Lean forward, reaching towards your toes, and feel the stretch in your calf and hamstring.

Congratulations on completing the 15-minute Intermediate Cycle Workout Pyramid! Remember to hydrate and recover properly after your workout session. Great job challenging your power and endurance today!


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