Intermediate Rowing Workout: Build Your Endurance and Rowing Skills | 20 Minutes

Try this 20-minute rower workout to build your endurance and rowing skills.

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Intermediate Rowing Workout: Build Your Endurance and Rowing Skills | 20 Minutes




In this 20-minute endurance rowing workout, Sunny Trainer Denise will guide you through a series of exercises to help you build endurance, improve your rowing technique, and challenge yourself. Get ready to break a sweat and burn calories while rowing your way to a stronger, fitter you!


Workout Length

20 minutes

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Denise Cervantes


Workout Details:

Begin with a slow and steady pace, focusing on proper rowing technique and form. Pay attention to your breathing technique and maintain a tall posture with a big chest.

Lat pull down: Perform a lat pull down on your rower to activate your back muscles and prepare them for the rowing movements.

Lat pull + row: Combine the lat pull down with a rowing motion to further engage your back muscles.

Legs only: Focus on rowing with your legs, driving the power from your lower body.

Full body row: Engage your entire body by incorporating your arms, core, and legs into the rowing motion.

Set the resistance to a light level and increase your stroke rate for 1 minute. This segment aims to increase your rowing speed while maintaining proper form.

Increase the resistance without breaking your stroke rate for 1 minute. This exercise challenges your strength and endurance.

Maintain the resistance but slow down the stroke rate. Focus on controlled movements and precise technique.

Increase the resistance and stroke rate for 1 minute. Push yourself to row faster while maintaining proper form.

Decrease both the resistance and stroke rate. Use this segment as a recovery period.

Perform bodyweight squats for 1 minute to provide postural relief and engage your lower body in a different way.

Increase the resistance and stroke rate for 1 minute. Challenge your strength and endurance once again.

Increase the stroke rate and maintain it for 2 minutes. This all-out rowing segment tests your endurance and pushes you to your limits.

Row at a slow pace with light resistance to gradually bring your heart rate down and allow your body to recover.

Perform a C-curve to chest stretch to release tension in your back and stretch your abdominal muscles.

Seated spinal twist: Twist your torso to each side while seated to stretch your back and improve flexibility.

Single Leg Hamstring Stretch: Extend one leg forward and gently lean forward to stretch your hamstring. Repeat on both sides.

Quad Stretch: Stand tall and grab one foot behind you, bringing your heel towards your glutes. Hold the stretch for a few seconds before switching to the other leg.

Congratulations on completing the 20-minute Endurance Row workout! By following Denise Cervantes' guidance and incorporating various resistance levels and stroke rates, you've improved your rowing endurance and technique. Remember to adjust the intensity based on your fitness level, and don't forget to hydrate and cool down properly after the workout. Keep up the great work on your fitness journey!


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