Fit and Fabulous on the Road: A 15-Minute Full-Body Strength Workout

This full-body strength workout with resistance tubes, allowing you to bring your gym with you on your summer adventures.

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Fit and Fabulous on the Road: A 15-Minute Full-Body Strength Workout




Are you tired of letting your fitness routine take a back seat when you're on the road? Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, staying active and maintaining your strength can be a challenge. But fear not! Sunny Trainer Alexa Lambarri has got you covered with her invigorating 15-minute road trip workout. With just a set of resistance tubes, you can bring your gym along and keep your fitness game strong no matter where you go. Say goodbye to missed workouts and hello to a full-body strength workout that will leave you feeling energized and ready to conquer any adventure!

Workout Length

15 minutes

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All Levels

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Alexa Lambarri 


Preparing Your Body for Action

Before diving into the workout, it's crucial to warm up your muscles and activate your body. Sunny Trainer Alexa takes you through a series of dynamic exercises that target different muscle groups and increase your mobility. From squat shoulder squeezes to lateral lunges with overhead reaches, each movement prepares your body for the intense workout ahead. Warming up not only prevents injuries but also improves your performance during the workout.


Maximum Results in Minimum Time

Now that your body is warm and ready, it's time to dive into the heart of the workout. Sunny Trainer Alexa expertly guides you through two rounds of exercises that target your entire body. By combining squats with resistance tube rows, you engage your legs and back simultaneously, building strength and improving muscle tone. The shoulder squeezes and lateral lunges provide variety and challenge, keeping your workout exciting and effective.

To intensify the workout, Sunny Trainer Alexa incorporates a double pulse squat and row combo, taking your leg and back workout to the next level. By switching up your grip during shoulder squeezes, you target different muscles in your upper body, ensuring a well-rounded strength workout.

No full-body workout is complete without core engagement. The static bicycle crunches activate your abdominal muscles, helping you achieve a toned and strong core. By the end of the workout, you'll have worked your entire body and experienced a satisfying burn that leaves you feeling accomplished.


Nurturing Your Body After the Effort

To wrap up the workout, Sunny Trainer Alexa leads you through a calming cool-down routine. Using the resistance tubes for arm circles promotes flexibility and releases tension in your upper body. Stretching exercises like the standing side body stretch and forward fold help alleviate any tightness in your muscles, providing relief and promoting relaxation. The hip flexor stretch, the final step of the cool down, helps soothe tension in the hip area, which is often neglected during long hours of sitting during road trips.


Fit and Active on the Go

With Sunny Trainer Alexa's 15-minute road trip workout, there's no reason to let your fitness goals slide while you're on the road. This full-body strength workout, accompanied by resistance tubes, ensures you can stay on top of your fitness game wherever your summer adventures take you. From warm-up to cool-down, this workout covers all the essential elements for a complete and effective exercise routine. So pack your resistance tubes, subscribe to Sunny's YouTube channel for more fitness inspiration, and enjoy the ride while staying active and energized. It's time to embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle, even during your travels!


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