Top Gifts for Fitness Lovers 2023 - Holiday Gift Guide

The most festive time of the year is just around the corner (seriously, how did that happen?!) and you might be starting to think about your holiday gift shopping.

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Top Gifts for Fitness Lovers 2023 - Holiday Gift Guide

The most festive time of the year is just around the corner (seriously, how did that happen?!) and you might be starting to think about your holiday gift shopping. If you have an exercise lover on your list this year, Sunny is the perfect one stop shop for everything health and fitness!

Whether your loved ones are cardio fanatics or strength training warriors, there is something for everyone at Sunny. What’s more, all of our equipment can be used with the (free!) SunnyFit® App, where professionally certified trainers guide you through various types of workouts – from cycling to yoga and everything in between. Let’s dive in to our top pieces of equipment that everyone will be talking about this holiday season!



Whether the person on your list loves to cycle, run, walk, or step, Sunny has the perfect piece of equipment to meet their needs.


Premium Indoor Cycling Smart Stationary Bike: SF-B1805SMART

With a 44-lb flywheel, this bike mimics the smooth ride of a road bike, giving workouts a flawless feel from start to finish. It is fully customizable to fit any body type, making it the most comfortable ride possible. Not to mention the attention-grabbing luxury design at an affordable price point! Whether they want to up their at-home cycle class game or add some extra road bike training in, this is the bike for any cycling lover on your list. Bonus points – the Indoor Cycling Bike has full smart capabilities. This means you can seamlessly connect to the SunnyFit® App and follow along with our cycle instructors, track your workout metrics, and compete in leaderboard challenges. It’s basically two gifts in one!

Why you should gift this: If you’re shopping for someone who loves a good cycling class, this bike is a winner. HIIT intervals, distance rides, bootcamps, and more – this bike does it all.


Elite Interactive Series Exercise Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical: SF-RBE420049

Our Elite Interactive Series Exercise Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical features a contoured mesh back and cushioned seat, designed for optimal comfort and low-impact workouts. With 12 levels of magnetic resistance, there are a range of resistance options that provide the perfect intensity level for everyone. If you need a rest day, dial down the resistance and use the Smart Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer for a low-impact recovery tool. Use the moveable handles for a full-body workout or opt for a more focused workout by using the handles and foot pedals independently for a targeted upper or lower body burn. Sync to the SunnyFit® App where you can join our community, track your progress, set goals, access personalized workout plans, and compete with other users to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Why you should gift this: The recumbent elliptical provides a low-impact, but high-intensity cardio workout for those who might want a little extra support while seated.


Pacer Smart Compact Auto Incline Treadpad Treadmill: SF-T722076

Calling all work-from-home exercisers! This hybrid treadmill can function as a regular treadmill with its handlebars folded up, boasting speeds of up to 6.0 mph. Once you fold down the handlebars, simply slide the Treadpad under your standing desk and use it to get more steps in throughout the work day.

Why you should gift this: Choices galore! Use it for a training run after work, or fold down the handles to use under your desk while on a conference call.


Power Stepper: SF-S021054

There’s nothing “mini” about this Power Stepper! While technically a mini-stepper, this sturdy machine takes stepping to the next level. Supporting up to 330 lbs and boasting a large foot plate, each step will feel safe and secure as you exercise. Moreover, the resistance bands attached to the front of the machine allow for strength work while you step!

Why you should gift this: A 2-in-1 powerhouse, this machine shows that great things come in small packages.


Elite Interactive Series Cross Trainer Elliptical: SF-E320048

As a low-impact alternative to running, the Elite Interactive Elliptical keeps your joints safe while still providing a top-notch workout. The moveable arms engage muscles of both the upper and lower body, or opt to use the stationary arms for a lower body burner. And what makes this elliptical even better is that its compact size allows it to easily fit in living spaces of all sizes.

Why you should gift this: A quintessential cardio machine that works your full body and is gentle on your joints, this machine is the perfect fit for any home gym.


Hydro Water Rowing Machine: SF-RW522073

The Hydro Water Rowing Machine is a classic piece of equipment that uses water as resistance to provide a dynamic full-body workout. With six water levels to choose from, comfortable handles, and Bluetooth connectivity to track your workouts and access professional trainer-led rowing workouts, the Hydro is perfect for anyone looking to work on their strength and endurance.

Why you should gift this: If one of your loved ones is looking for a full body cardio workout that also works on strength, this rower checks all the boxes. Plus, the simplicity of the water resistance makes it a no-fuss workout that gives you the most bang for your buck.



Give the gift of strength this holiday season! From power racks to kettlebells and everything in between, Sunny’s strength equipment covers all the bases.


PowerVersa All-In-One Strength Training Squat Rack: SF-XF921041

Extremely versatile, customizable, and small enough to fit in your home gym, the PowerVersa provides the base for any type of strength training right from the comfort of your home. With the ability to rack a barbell for squats, bench press, overhead press, and more, barbell training has never been more accessible. Not only that, but it has the compatibility to work with several attachments like the dip bars (SF-XFA002) and landmine press (SF-XFA004) to make it even more customized to your personal fitness goals.

Why you should gift this: The PowerVersa is the ultimate strength training system, so if the person you are shopping for likes options, and customizable options at that, then this is the gift for them.


Vinyl Coated Kettlebells: NO. 066

Functional strength training has never been easier than it is with kettlebells. These unique weights can be used to train movements that we use throughout our day on a regular basis. Not only will this tone your muscles and help with weight loss, but it makes day-to-day activities easier and more enjoyable! How’s that for a holiday gift?

Why you should gift this: For someone who’s looking to approach weight training a little differently and focus on longevity, these are the ticket.



The perfect accessory can take an outfit AND workout experience to the next level. A good fitness accessory can help increase muscle engagement, make exercises more accessible, or challenge you in a new way. Plus, these items typically come with a lower price point and can easily fit in smaller home gyms. A win-win!


Power Zone Strength Adjustable Weight Bench: SF-BH6920

Use this bench with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight…the list goes on! You can implement this bench in pretty much any type of workout with any type of modality.

Why you should gift this: The Power Zone bench can elevate any workout to a new level. If one of your gift recipients is looking for an extra edge in their workout, this is it.


Indoor & Outdoor Exercise Trampoline: SF-S021047

With its quality build, ease of assembly, and its unique square, space-saving design, the Exercise Trampoline provides more bounce with each jump. The adjustable bungee cords can be tightened to the preferred tension level and comes with side coverings for user safety during those big jumps! This is the space-saving, fun addition to your home gym that will help you get fit and healthy.

Why you should gift this: Did you know that just 10-minutes on the trampoline provides the same cardiovascular benefits as 33-minutes of running?(1) This accessory is made with the efficient exerciser in mind.


Under $50

You don’t have to break the bank to give some amazing gifts this holiday season. Check out these awesome items under $50!


Resistance Tube Set: NO. 089-COMBO

Get a full body strength workout with just one band! These bands allow you to target smaller, stabilizer muscles, as well as larger compound lifts. With a range of 10 to 50 lbs of resistance, the resistance tubes allow for gradual strength progressions, providing an optimal challenge for any exercise and any fitness level.

Why you should gift this: These bands are the perfect gift for someone who is always on the go. With 5 different weight options, ranging from 10-50 lbs of resistance, a full strength workout can fit inside a backpack or a suitcase.


Speed Cable Jump Rope: NO. 069

Designed to create an effective cardio routine to keep your heart pumping and body moving. Jump roping is a calorie cooker! Jumping moderately burns about 16 calories a minute. Our speed rope will not only help you build agility and quickness, but the durable design will keep your workout longer and more comfortable.

Why you should gift this: For the no frills exerciser, this jump rope gets straight to the point. An efficient calorie burn and fun to boot, jumping rope is a great way to get and stay fit.


Under $100

Have a little more room in your budget? Our under $100 recommendations are for you!


Mini Stepper: NO. 012-S

You can’t beat a classic! Offering a full cardio workout as well as strength work with the resistance band attachments, this stepper can help you achieve a strong and toned body in just 15-minutes. And with it’s small footprint, the stepper can fit in living spaces of all sizes.

Why you should gift this: For someone who doesn’t have much extra workout space but wants the full workout experience, the Mini-Stepper is the best bet!


Core Fit Hex Style Dumbbells: SF-DB03

Our dumbbells are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. The hexagonal shape of the dumbbells prevents them from rolling away, making them easy and safe to use during a workout. Perfect for a range of exercises, including hypertrophy training as well as toning, the Hex Dumbbells can be used to meet fitness goals of all kinds.

Why you should gift this: These dumbbells are perfect for anyone who is a fan of traditional strength training and enjoy equipment that is versatile for all different types of exercises.


1. Bhattacharya, A., McCutcheon, E. P., Shvartz, E., & Greenleaf, J. E. (1980). Body acceleration distribution and O2 uptake in humans during running and jumping. Journal of Applied Physiology, 49(5), 881–887. Accessed 19 October 2023.


Holiday Gift Guide Infographic

Holiday Gift Guide Infographic


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