10 Min Row-N-Ride® Glute-Focused Workout

In this 10-minute NO.

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10 Min Row-N-Ride® Glute-Focused Workout




In this 10-minute NO. 077 Row-N-Ride® Glute-focused workout, Sunny trainer Sydney guides you through 10 minutes of targeting those glutes. Prepare to feel the burn as you target the glutes through multiple angles and variations of squats on the Row-N-Ride machine. While this workout is designed to give your glutes some extra love, use this workout to strengthen a variety of muscles in your lower body such as your quads, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, and core.

When selecting your resistance for this workout, be sure to pick a resistance that’s appropriate for your fitness level. If you’ve never used the Row-N-Ride machine, we recommend starting with one resistance band. If you find you’re ready to increase the difficulty of your workout, feel free to add more resistance bands when you’re ready.

Workout Length

10 Minutes

Products Used

NO. 077S


Sydney Bueckert



- 1:00 – Deep Squat
- 0:30 – Glute Activations
- 1:00 – Deep Squat
- 0:30 – Mid-Range Squat Pulse
- 1:00 – Deep Squat
- 0:30 – Low-Range Squat Pulse
- 0:30 – Squat Hold
- 1:00 – Plie Squat
- 0:30 – Plie Glute Activations
- 1:00 – Plie Squat
- 0:30 – Mid-Range Plie Pulse
 -1:00 – Plie Squat
- 0:30 – Low-Range Plie Pulse
- 0:30 – Plie Squat Hold


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